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Category: Baked Goods/Misc,
Recipe: Ho cake
Rating: 4.60

Ho cake

Biscuit or Cornbread Mix
Use your favorite biscuit recipe OR Use 1 pkg of Jiffy buttermilk biscuit mix.
Follow directions on box and add about a tablespoon of sugar, substitute milk and use buttermilk instead. Can use half sour cream if you don't have the buttermilk. Mixture will be thick and lumpy. You can use cornbread mix but skip the sugar.

Get two non stick skillets the same size. Start them warming up on lowest temp with a good tablespoon of butter in each. When you get the mix ready turn stove up to 3 (very Low)put it in pan uncovered for about 10 minutes, flip into other pan and cook about another 10 min. It should be a nice brown. If not you can flip back into first pan and cook longer. This is wonderful with anything. Try it with jelly or syrup for dessert. This has been a family favorite for almost 50 years and always requested at any family gathering. I would love your feedback on this recipe. I have many other ones I would love to share.

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